Lemonade Freedom Day 2012 Was a Huge Success!

Aug 23, 2012 by

I am still taking everything in from this year’s Lemonade Freedom Day. This year’s event was such a huge success. People all over the country participated in Lemonade Freedom Day this year. In Washington, D.C. over a hundred people showed up to support the right to voluntary exchange. We were selling lemonade and raw milk (which is illegal in DC) on the lawn of the Capitol where 3 peaceful individuals were arrested last year for selling lemonade. We stood our ground for 2 hours and sold lots of raw milk and lemonade with no arrests this time around.

Freedom loving folks from Philly to Houston to California to Vancouver, British Columbia organized events and individuals all over the country set up stands and sold lemonade or raw milk without licenses or permits. Please enjoy the pictures and videos below. If you would like to share your own videos or photos with the world, please contact me and I will let you know where to send them.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year and remember. Lemonade Freedom isn’t just one day. It is every day. So, get out there and set up a stand… Sell lemonade or raw milk or cookies, or whatever you can think of.Because this is what lemonade freedom day is about. It is about your right to voluntary exchange. Exercise your rights!

Also.. Stay tuned to this site for updates on future events.



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