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What is law? And what happens when it says what's right is wrong?
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Little kids getting lemonade stands shut down is part of a larger problem with the law.
  • There are different types of law — common, natural, positive, and statutory among them.
  • There's a difference between things that are inherently wrong, and wrong only because politicians say so.
  • Government only has the powers we do, and delegate to it. It does not have powers of its own.
  • Your state of mind matters; if you did not intentionally break a law you knew about, you should not be guilty.
  • Consent of the governed is important… and yet it's impossible for the governed to all do that.
  • Government is good, and found in family, business, church, etc. But the stateis different, and very problematic.
  • Just as monopolies decrease in quality and increase in cost, the state faces no competition—though it should.
  • Civil disobedience, properly done, has a moral justification as those who practice it honor a higher law.
  • Defending our freedom first requires understanding precisely what exactly it entails.
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